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3 months ago
I recently had the air con sunshine coast team install a hitachi split system to cool my lounge and kitchen area. They came out and quoted me for free and had the job done within the next week. Fantastic craftsmanship and service. Thanks guys!
- Brett S
9 months ago
Brett from Air Con Sunshine Coast did a fantastic job installing a new air conditioner in my unit in Caloundra. I got a Daikin Inverter split system unit which was fairly compact but powerful enough for the bedroom it was going in. As we are on the top level, the guys had a bit of a mission getting the piping from the back of the unit to the balcony but they managed to do it with only a very small entry and exit point visible. Really well done guys, thanks again!
- Peta H

Sunshine Coast Air Conditioning FAQ

Are wall-mounted air-cons better than portable?

No one likes sitting in the house with sweaty pits, or cleaning their home in the sweltering summer heat. When it’s super hot outside, we all love to be comfortable, that’s why most people choose to equip their homes with an air-conditioning unit. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with an air-con system, you may be wondering what kind of air-conditioner will work best for you.

Installing an air conditioner can get really expensive. Homeowners who decide to get air-conditioning need to decide if they prefer a portable air conditioner or a wall mounted system. Learn more about air conditioning installations in Sunshine Coast here.

Figuring out which to get can get tricky. What works for one household may not work for the other. There are a lot of factors to consider when deciding which air-conditioning system works best for you. This article will help you decide between a wall mounted air conditioner and a portable one.

What’s a wall-mounted air-conditioner?

A wall mounted air-conditioner is a single and self contained unit that is used to exhaust heat and humidity from a room. Wall-mounted units are installed in the wall through a hole in the exterior wall. They are  usually used to cool a single room or large space.Wall mounted units come in handy when a room does not have a window. They are energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The wall mounted unit usually requires professional installation because it requires opening a hole in the wall.

Read some of our Wall Mounted Air Con Installation Reviews here:

When purchasing a wall mounted aircon system you may want to consider the wall measurements and the thickness of the wall. You should also check the BTU or British Thermal Units of the system. Keep in mind that the larger the space, the higher BTU  you should invest in. It is definitely recommended for buyers to be sure that their air conditioner is properly designed for the size of the room.

What’s a portable air conditioner?

A portable air conditioner is one you might see hanging out of your neighbour's window. The portable air conditioning system works best for keeping individual rooms cooled. They are usually easy to setup and may at times have wheels to make the mobile.

Portable air con is usually used for single room spaces like bedrooms, dens, and other smaller spaces.Portable air- conditioners work to remove the hot or warm air and moisture from the room by exhausting the air outside.Portable air conditioners usually come with a window kit, or a device and hose that exhaust the air.The portable air conditioner is very easy to set up. Once you’ve attached the window kit, you’ll usually just have to plug your unit in and you’re good to go.

Which air conditioner is most Efficient?

When you’re shopping for your perfect air-conditioning system, you’ll want to consider efficiency. An efficient unit will help you to save money and protect the environment with an energy saving unit.

Split system air conditioner is generally the most energy efficient air conditioning option you have. It is the most popular choice of air conditioning and has grown more popular throughout the years.

The wall mounted air conditioner is referred to as a split system because one air conditioner unit is split into two parts. One part of the wall mounted air conditioner is the outside condenser. The other part of the air conditioning system is the inside evaporator. The inside evaporator is mounted inside the room of choice on the wall, while the condenser is installed nearby, outside, as a way to remove the unwanted air from the room. The Condenser works to emit the warm air from the room to outside.

The wall mounted air-conditioner has grown in popularity, especially throughout Australia and Asia, mostly for their efficiency. 

Here is a list of reasons why wall mounted air conditioners are extremely efficient.

  • Easy Installation: Wall mounted air conditioners with split systems are extremely easy to install. There is no need for extreme infrastructure or any major changes to your home. They are usually easily installed within one day.

  • High Power  Levels: Wall mounted air conditioners usually have high power levels which add to their efficiency levels. Premium models usually hold 3kw to 9kw of energy.  Higher power levels allow for wall mounted units to cool a space much faster, this ultimately decreases your power bill significantly over time.

  • Easy usage- Most wall mounted split systems are easily controlled with a remote control. You’ll have the ability to stand a distance from your unit and turn it on in the click of a button. Some units are equipped with timers so you can set it to turn on before you get in from a long day of work. You can also easily adjust the temperature and fan settings to customise the temperature of your room.

  • Customisable for your home: When shopping for your wall mounted unit you will be able to pick the power level and appropriate size for your home. Choosing the correct unit for your home will ultimately increase the efficiency.
Portable air conditioners may work for some, but wall mounted system have been shown to be much more efficient. Portable units can get pretty pricey with costs upwards of $1000. Despite the high price tags, portable systems tend to have lower power levels than mounted systems. With power levels of about 2kw, a portable device can at times be less efficient than a wall mounted split unit. Portable units are usually suitable for very small single person rooms. They are not extremely energy efficient, especially in large spaces. Portable units are particularly more expensive in the summer months, costing around $.5 per hour.

Benefits of a Wall Mounted Air Conditioner on the Sunshine Coast

  • More bang for your buck: Wall mounted units may seem a little pricey at the time of installation, but in the long run they are much more efficient than a portable unit. Wall mounted units cool an area faster and more efficiently. Wall mounted units also last longer giving you more use on your money spent.

  • Much less noisy - Wall mounted units are typically much less noisy than portable units. Some even come with silent settings.

  • Cool larger spaces - With a wall mount unit you can cool a very large space, the cool air can even spread throughout your home.

Which system is right for you? Portable? Or Wall Mounted? 

Use this checklist to help figure out which type of air conditioner unit works best for you.

  • What size is your room?
  • What is your budget?
  • How long do you need this unit for? Is this a long term purchase?
  • What power levels do you need?
  • Are you aiming to be environmentally friendly?

If you are cooling a medium to large space, and you would like to be as efficient as possibly, your best bet is to go with a controlled split system. The controlled air con system has grown in popularity for a reason. People enjoy the easy use system and they appreciate the efficiency and environmentally friendly features.

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